Dear Pigier Friends,

Our group is 168 years old. Our presence in Beirut dates back to 1920. The secret to our long life is two-fold: permanence and change.

Permanence resides in our attachment to the mission defined by our founder Gervais Pigier in 1850: “to help businesses acquire, maintain and develop professional human resources through the offering of business training and education focused on real market needs, using practical and interactive teaching methods, developing professionally useful knowledge and know-how, and allowing trainees and students a successful career evolution through the rapid demonstration of real operational skills”.

Change has come in so many different ways and channels. But it has always been motivated by our faith in our mission and our determination to keep serving our markets.

We are happy today to inform you of the launch of our new programs that are in partnership with two higher education institutions in France: MBway and MyDigitalSchool. Both offer professional programs leading to French state professionally certified degrees (Bachelor and Master). Both tackle the exciting new trends in management and digital communication techniques (coding and other e-exciting fields).