Pigier benefits from systems and support offered by its sponsoring institutions. Building on the long experience of its various partners, Pigier is able to operate in the 21st century while using all the relevant and state-of-the-art tools and methods.

Students and professors are connected to powerful technology-based systems, with portals that help their access to information and their learning needs. They are served by an administration branched out into Beirut and the various foreign higher educational partners’ locations. They have a permanent and direct access to those resources and supporting facilities that make the learning experience a well-organized trouble-free road to knowledge and know-how.

The Pigier Administration main campus is located at:

BEIRUT: Gemmayzeh – Gouraud Street – Andalusia Building
Tel/Fax: (00-961-1) 447899 – 443883 – 448040 – 563270 – 563897/8/9