Business High School level programs

ADMINISTRATIVE & COMMERCIAL SCIENCES                                                    

BT majors: Accounting & Computing, Sales & Commercial Relations


Program Objectives
Administrative & Commercial Sciences main objective is to give an early training in business while preparing for the Lebanese official exams of the Baccalaureate (BT section). The program aims also at preparing students for higher studies in Management (all majors).

Program Rules
The duration of the program is 3 years for students joining after the end of intermediate classes (2 years only for those having already completed the 1st secondary class and 1 year for those having completed the 2nd secondary class). Courses are taught in English or in French, in morning classes (8:00 am to 2:30 pm).

Program Courses                                                                                
1st year
General Accounting I - Civil Law - Economics I - Organizational Techniques – Commerce - Computer Systems & Skills I - Math I - Business Math I - Science I - English I - French I - Arabic + Social Sciences I - Professional Communication

2nd year
General Accounting II - Economics II - Labor Law - Business Organization - Computer Systems & Skills II - Math II - Business Math II - Science II - Arabic + Social Sciences II - English II - French II - Professional Communication II

3rd year
* Common courses

Economics III - Business Economics - Commercial Law - Computer Skills III - Math III – Statistics - Science III - Arabic + Social Sciences III - English III - French III - Professional Communication III

* Accounting & Computing Major (specific courses)

Accounting Techniques - Cost Accounting & Budgeting - Business Math III - Management Information Systems

* Sales & Commercial Relations Major (specific courses)

Commercial Function - Market Analysis – Marketing - Selling & Purchasing

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