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Hospitality & Tourism Studies

Hospitality & Tourism Bachelor level programs

Program Objectives
The main objective of the program is to prepare students for professional life in the hotels and tourism sectors. The focus is on the corporate job market needs in the field. Studies use active teaching methods (cases, simulations, lab work) to develop knowledge, know-how and decision-making capabilities.

The program trains students for the School's diploma and for the Lebanese official exams in certain majors (TS). It also allows students a continuation of studies in university graduate programs (French Masters).

Program Rules
It is offered to students having completed their secondary studies. Program duration is [1+2] years (students having completed the Commercial Sciences or Hotels Bac could be admitted in the 2nd year). Courses are organized in a Credit System. They are taught in English (for English sections) or in French. Whenever possible, students can choose to study in the morning time or in the afternoon / evening. Before graduation, 16 weeks of internship must have been completed. An internship report must be submitted.

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