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Business Bachelor level programs


Majors: Accounting – Finance - Chartered Accounting, Marketing – Sales - Advertising, Administration – Human Resources

Program Objectives
The main objective of Business Management studies is to prepare students for business professional life. Their focus is on the corporatejob market needs. They use active teaching methods (cases and simulations) to develop knowledge, know-how and decision-making capabilities.

Program trains students for the school’s degree (Pigier), for the French state certified Bachelor Business Manager degree of MBway, the French management school, and for the Lebanese official exams (TS) in certain majors. After graduation, students could pursue the MBway French state certified master's program in a number of majors (MBA  Commerce & Entrepreneurship, MBA Human Resources, MBA Management and Finance, MBA International Trade, MBA Project Management, MBA Marketing, Communication & Digital).

Program Rules
All programs have a 3-year duration, except for the Administration major which is a 2+1 program. They are offered to students having completed their secondary studies. Courses are organized in a Credit System. They are taught in English or French. Whenever possible, students can choose to study in the morning time or in the afternoon / evening. Before graduation, 16 weeks of internship must have been completed. An internship report must be submitted.

Program Courses
1st year
General Accounting - Civil & Commercial Law - Economics – Business Organization – Marketing – Computer Systems I - Computer Skills I - Math – Business Math I - Statistics I – Business English – Professional Communication

2nd year
* Common courses: Cost Accounting – Labor & Corporate Law – Micro-economics – Human Resources Management - Management & Strategy - Computer Systems II - Computer Skills II - Business Math II - Statistics II – Operational Research

* Accounting Major Specific Courses: Corporate Accounting – Advanced Cost Accounting - Bank Accounting - Marketing & Sales

* Marketing Major Specific Courses: Consumer Behavior – Marketing Decisions -Marketing Research – Sales Techniques – Retail Marketing - Advertising

* Administration Major Specific Courses: Projects Management – Consumer Behavior - Communication & Administration – Administrative Management - Retail Management

3rd year
* Accounting – Finance – Chartered Accounting Major: Advanced Accounting - Special Accounting – Financial Management - Budgeting - Audit – Accounting Information Systems - Taxation – Penal & Business Law

* Marketing – Sales – Advertising Major: Services Marketing – Industrial Marketing – International Marketing – Strategic Marketing – Sales Negotiation – Sales Management – Global Communication – Media Strategy - Information Systems – Penal & Business Law – Budgeting & Finance - Taxation

* Administration – Human Resources Major: Personnel Administration – Sales Negotiation – Applied Psychology and Sociology - Sales Management – Media Strategy - Global Communication – Information Systems – Penal & Business Law – Budgeting & Finance - Taxation 

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